About us

Goscor Nova Laboratory, founded in 2008, is identified in the pharmaceuticals market for its ability to manage all types of operations with an adaptable, efficient and committed structure.

Supporting Pharmaceutical Industry

Laboratory of Medicinal Specialties

Adding our experience and responsibility to provide solutions to the needs of your pharmaceutical laboratory. For more than a decade we have managed to stand out for providing solutions to each requirement and need of our clients, thus building the image that today refers us within the pharmaceutical market.

Why choose us

Because we travel paths that have allowed us to project ourselves towards new challenges, positioning ourselves with a more prominent role within the pharmaceutical industry.


We put all our knowledge and skills at your disposal.

Qualified Team

That allows us to offer an effective service to all our clients.


We work responsibly to achieve all objectives.

Plant and Facilities

Our company has sections for offices of the Commercial and Administrative Divisions; Industrial plant and warehouses for raw materials and packaging materials, Quality Control laboratories, Microbiology.


Av. Pte. Juan D. Perón (A-64) 4671 San Martín


(+54 11) 4713-1011/4753-6674