Our infrastructure, facilities, equipment and human resources comply with all current legal regulations and GMP standards, to make our services reliable solutions.

acondicionamiento primario GoscorNova

Primary Packaging

• We have two areas with independent air systems

• Tablet blisters and general coated tablets

• Automatic dosing of tablets into bottles.

Acondicionamiento secundario

Secondary Packaging

Boxing of different pharmaceutical forms: We have 5 production lines where we can box manually, semi-automatically or automatically, blister packs, plastic and glass bottles, ampoules, knobs, etc.
• We have a CAM AV 65 cartoner with Lixis code reader in leaflets and cases.
• On our second floor we have 4 conditioning boxes for clients who require exclusivity.

• We have a semiautomatic line for packaging hospital blister boxes.
• Refurbished Finished Product and presentation changes
• Handling of products with traceability: We have two tracing terminals.
• Coding of materials by stamp or inkjet equipment
• Automatic labeling of vials and / or ampoules
• Attaching security labels with semi-automatic machines
• Assembling heat shrink packs
• Handling of products that require a cold chain

almacenamiento de materiales en Laboratorio

Storage of Materials

• We have space in our warehouse for the storage of raw materials, finished products and materials for third parties.

• We have cages for the management of psychotropic and narcotic drugs.

camara y deposito de frio

Coolant Reservoir

• We have a cold room of 18,000 liters for the storage of products that require this condition

weighing Service

• We have an area for the fractionation of general and excipient raw materials.


Laboratorio Goscor Nova Servicio de Control de Calidad

Quality Control and Microbiology Laboratories

Our Quality Control and Microbiology laboratory operates on the second level of our plant.

• We have equipament for the analysis and control of raw materials and finished products.

• We have a microbiology area to carry out sterility controls.

Agrochemical tests, cosmetics, medicinal products, food, food additives, veterinary products.

Quality control tests of finished products and raw materials.

Analysis according to pharmacopoeias.

Stability Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Products.

Analytical and sampling designs.

Development of analytical methods.

Analytical validations by spectrometry, HPLC.

 Risk analysis.

 Cleaning validations.

Dissolution tests according to pharmacopoeias.

Validations of physical-chemical and microbiological processes.

Validations and development of analytical methods.

 Microbiological tests in general.

 Physical chemical analysis of soils, mud, residues and effluents.

 Quality analysis of surface water, groundwater and effluents.


Consultas y asesoramiento laboratorio Goscornova

Technical Counseling

• We have staff with extensive experience in the development of materials for the Marketing sector

• We collaborate with the titular laboratories in the development of their processes

Who choose us

Some of the companies that choose Goscor Nova S.A. to add value to their services and products.


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